City Fencing Club

The club was first formed as the Barclays Fencing Club in the 1930s and was the mainstay of the club for almost 70 years. 

It was situated in the Barclays building in the City of London. The after fencing social was the Crosse Keys just next door.

In the early 2000's, the club moved to the Wood Street Police Station and the club was renamed the City of London club. 

The club was made available for police offices of both the City of London and the Met to fence alongside the members of the public.

During this time our sister club, The London Fencing Club was formed, with it's initial venue in a night club, but later to more dedicated facilities at Old Street.
Seeking alternative venues, we fenced for a while in an office scheduled for demolition. During our stay there, we (unwittingly) assisted with the demolition.
Returning to the Wood Street police station, we continued with our collaboration between the City of London and Metropolitan police.
From October 2014, we are proud to be working along with Ravensbourne College in North Greenwich where we fence and train alongside the student body.  All the facilities of the O2 are at our doorstep.

We can safely say our club is unique for being the only club to have a ferry to take people to the venue and a cablecar to return with afterwards!

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