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Lance has been a professional coach for over 20 years, and has trained in the US, France and London.

He has qualifications with the American Coaching Effectiveness Program, as a Prevost D'Armes from the Ecole Nationale de Maitre D'Armes and as a Professor of fencing from the British Academy of Fencing.

Lance has given individual lessons to Angelina Jolie, Holly Hunter and Sinead O'Connor.

Oksana is a British Fencing Level 4 coach.

She was five times national foil champion of Uzbekistan, and was appointed their junior national coach in 1998.

She has a Specialist Diploma in Physical Education and Sport from the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Education 1989, and is a holder of the Soviet Master of Sport Degree.

James is recognised as one of the leading sabre coaches in the UK.

He was five-times British national champion, and is the UK's most successful international sabre fencer.

He has competed in nine world championships, three Olympic games (finishing in the top 16 at Sydney) and the Commonwealth Fencing Championships (winning gold and bronze).

James was coached by Péter Fröhlich for a number of years, and together with Ian Williams they run a summer training camp at Grantham in the UK.

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